Rebar coupler fixing

Threaded rebar coupleralso known as the names rebar connectorsrebar splicingmechanical rebar couplers is a joint of steel bars on a parallel line which is designed for reinforcement bars and usually used in conjunction with rebar threading machine.

The thread rebar with an internal thread corresponding to the thread is a mechanical rebar couplers used to transfer the axial tension or pressure of reinforcement. Its diameter is strictly designed in accordance with the international commonly used types of rebar which is applicable to different diameter of the steelbar connection requirements.

The threaded rebar coupler with diameters of 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm and 32mm can be produced in Yugong. Contact us now to tell us the sizes you need and we will reply you quickly.

Get a Free Quote. First, the longitudinal and transverse ribs of the end of the steel bar need to be peeled off by a rebar thread rolling machine. And hen they can be rolled straight into ordinary thread and connected with special threaded rebar couplers to form the connection of rebar. Because of the high efficiency, convenience, fast construction method of rib stripping straight screw connection technology, it has been favored by generation construction organization. Meanwhile, the technology can also save energy, reduce steel consumption,improve efficiency and make the connection more stable and reliable.

However,there are something you need to note when using the technology. Reliable Quality. It also should conform to the relevant or industrial standards and be confirmed by type test. In line with international standards. Our products have been tested by the national construction project quality supervision and inspection center and can reach the sub standard of Level I in GJ Complete specifications and sizes. The standard type, front and back thread type and the reducing diameter type can meet the needs of connecting steel bar for the same diameter, reducing diameter and adjustable length and direction of vertical and inclined parts in building structure.

rebar coupler fixing

Good mechanical performance and reliable connection. As the end of the steel treated by cooling is formed by rolling, both thread and steel strength are improved which makes up for the effect of the diameter of thread base less than the diameter of base circle on the strength weakening.

The joint strength is higher than the parent material strength which can make the parent material give full play to its strengh and ductility. Convenient connection, construction and high efficiency. The threaded rebar couplers are prefabricated in factory.

It can be operated flexibly even in a tight arrangement of rebars in a narrow place. Safety and environmental protection. No welding and open flame work, also no pollution during construction. Facilitate testing.SinceITEKCON has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom Threaded rebar coupler, custom rebar machines, custom Taper thread sleeve and Cold extrusion coupler in the industry.

Specially in Bolt rebar coupler technology. All of our custom rebar coupler and machines are engineered and manufactured in our square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in HengShui, Hebei. Excellent Design. Quality Assurance. With our own QC checking mass productions in our factory. Competitive Pricing. Due to our companies powerful manufacturing capacity, low cost labor, and reliable supplier, our Rebar Coupler Pricing is Very Competitive, saving you considerable funds.

Our Featured Products. Download Our Brochure. Need more information? Download our Brochure to learn more about our products. All our custom rebar couplers and machines are engineered and manufactured in our 12, square foot state of the art manufacturing facility in HengShui, Hebei, CN.

Our Manufacturing Capacity. Quality Controlled from the very first step. Inspections are carried out throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process, sparing you any extra quality control inspections. See Our Successful Projects. It seems that each of them is pursuing perfection.

rebar coupler fixing

They are very busy and their business is very good. What I value most is quality. Their production quality control is very strict, which can be seen from the quality control documents, procurement of raw materials records, procurement inspection records, each process inspection records, unqualified products processing, product liability processing, factory inspection records. I found the quality of both my own products and those they made for other customers to be very good.The purpose of this method statement is to lay down the systematic procedures for the various activities required for reinforcement bars to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the approved shop drawings and project specification.

This method statement covers the general procedures to be followed for installation of reinforcement bar for footing, strap beam, raft, slab and all structural concrete. Safety of the personnel and properties is to be given prime importance and all the works to be carried out without causing any accidents or property damages.

Reinforcing bars involves the following activities. Adequate access and egress should be provided to the site for work. All the personnel should wear basic personnel protective equipment. All the equipment, tools and tackles being used for the work should be in good working condition and maintained. All the personnel will be provided with toolbox talk on the procedures to execute the work safely. Below is the checklists which can be used for the inspection of reinforcement steel bars installation work for different areas as applicable.

Check any other MEP services to be installed are done as per approved shop drawings. Final Inspection Visual inspection after completion of rebar erection. Enter your email address:. Check setting out is done as per approved shop drawings. Check access permission ,equipment and scaffolding permission. Installation of rebar to be done as per approved drawings and BBS. Proper cover to be maintained using approved spacers and chairs.

Please check the following as per approved shop drawings: Dia.Reinforced concrete structures are designed to behave monolithically. Properly designed splices of individual reinforcing bars are a key element in transmitting forces through the structure and creating a load path.

A lap splice is the predominant method used for splicing reinforcing bars. Bars may be spaced apart or in contact. For lap splices, contact splices are preferred for the practical reason that, when wired together, they are more easily secured against displacement during concrete placement. Non-contact lap spliced bars should not be spaced too widely apart, permitting a zigzag crack in the concrete between bars. The length of a lap splice varies with concrete strength, type of concrete, the yield strength grade of the reinforcing bars, bar size, bar spacing, concrete cover, and the amount of ties or stirrups.

Lap splice lengths are always shown on placing drawings and will be found either in the details, lap charts, or in the general notes.

Additional information on lap splices can be found here. In general, CRSI recommends against manual arc welding in the field. However, if necessary, field-welded splices are accomplished by electric arc welding the reinforcing bars together.

For projects of all sizes, manual arc welding will usually be the most costly method, due to direct and indirect costs of proper inspection. While the welding code is a comprehensive document, other important items such as securing chemical analysis of the steel, field inspection, super-vision, and quality control are required for a project with welded reinforcement.

CRSI recommends against connecting crossbars by small arc welds, known as "tack welds. This is a mechanical splice that requires special bars with thread-like rolled, deformations over their entire length which meets ASTM A Splices are assembled with lock nuts and threaded couplers, then the nuts are tightened to a specified torque.

Alternatively, the lock nuts can be omitted when the bars can be torqued together. Special hardware permits use for end anchorages in concrete or connection to structural steel members. Bars may be flame or saw-cut.

This is a mechanical splice consisting of a coupler with internal straight threads at each end that joins two upset end reinforcing bars with matching external threads. Upsetting the bar ends permits the cross-sectional area in the threaded portion to be greater than the bar cross-sectional area.

This type of splice can either be in three pieces the two bar ends and internally threaded coupler or in two pieces with the coupler integrally forged or pre-assembled onto the bar end. These systems are also available as weld-on couplers, transitional couplers, positional couplers, and headed bars. This is a mechanical splice consisting of a coupler with internal straight threads at each end that joins two reinforcing bars with matching external threads.

Because the cutting of threads reduces the net cross-sectional area of the reinforcing bar, some manufacturers use bars one size larger while other manufacturers use bars with tensile and yield strengths sufficient to overcome the loss of net area by thread cutting.

This type of splice is in three pieces the two bar ends and the internally threaded coupler. These systems are also available as weld-on couplers, transitional couplers, and positional couplers.Cost Effectiveness The conventional method of connecting reinforcement bars with lap joints in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate. Structural Reliability Coupler spliced perform like continuous reinforcement.

That develops full tensile strength mechanically, independent of concrete. Coupler splices are excellent for severe condition like earthquake, typhoon, especially suitable for condition that demands higher ductility of building structure.

It offers greater flexibility in design options. The simplicity in detailing of reinforcement, particularly in reinforcement congestion zones minimizes the reinforcement fixing errors, detailing and fixing of seismic reinforcement becomes effortless.

Workability with higher steel-to-concrete ratio allows optimum sizing of RC structural column. Fixing couplers requires no special skills or equipments. Simple mechanical ways in adopting mechanical splicing compared to lapping, accelerates construction schedules for optimum cost and efficiency.

It is economical to use couplers for higher diameter rebar as it saves on considerable weight and rebar wastage. Master Construction Technology Sdn Bhd MCT is established with an objective of enhancing development of a more efficient, reliable, economical and safer construction methodology and environment for the construction industry. MCT operate in accordance to recognized industry standards, while complying with all applicable regulations.

All Rights Reserved. Website Developed by Web Design Company. Toggle navigation. Rebarjoin Coupler System. Why Rebar Coupler to Replace Conventional Lapping Cost Effectiveness The conventional method of connecting reinforcement bars with lap joints in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate.

Threaded Rebar Coupler

Superior quality control standard. Parallel thread works like a continuous bar when installed. Slim design eliminates congestion and improve concrete consolidation. Available in transition form for splicing of different sizes rebar. Available in extended thread form for application where incoming rebar cannot be rotated. Contact Us.Rebar Couplers or mechanical splices have been used as a method of splicing reinforcing bars for many decades. The reason for using them are many and varied, but it is often localised congestion that is the biggest driver.

The tradition method that it replaces is that of lap splicing the reinforcing bar. However, the lap splice relies on the concrete around it to transfer the load. By employing skills of experts, we are involved in presenting a wide range of Rebar Coupler. Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Thank you! Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Your requirement has been sent successfully. What We Offer. Threaded Rebar Coupler.

Get Best Quote. Request Callback. I am Interested. Jointed Rebar Coupler. Rebar Coupler. Reverse Lock Coupler. Barbreak Rebar Coupler. Taper Rebar Coupler. Rebar Coupler - Used In Pilling. Ask For Price.

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Product Price : Get Latest Price. TMT Rebar Coupler. Explore more products. Double Pitch Chain. Motorized Chain Pulley Block. Elevetor Bucket. Clamping Units. Chain Sprocket. Taper Bush Lock. Reach Us. Corporate Video Corporate Brochure. Your Contact Information: not me. Processing Request.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: August 27, References. Building with concrete involves many steps to achieve the best results, including forming, grading, placing, and finishing. One critical step is placing the reinforcing bars, or rebarcorrectly, and this article will explain how this is done.

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rebar coupler fixing

Learn more Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Plan the project. For structural concrete construction, an engineer and architect will usually do the technical design work and provide specific information regarding the sizes, configuration, and placement of rebar in the associated concrete work. Planning the actual fabrication and placement, as well as the schedule of the work is your first task.


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