Mini bull terrier rescue california

Hey everybody my name is Legend. And I am a funny mix of pitbull and Chihuahua.

Adopt Dogs in California

But everybody refers to me as bat. Komali is here to steal your heart! This little sweetheart is on the shyer side, but once you get her know her she. Belle and Gaston are 8 week old German shepherd rottie pups, born on a fruit tree farm in Central California. Lucia is a rescue dog who has had too many puppies and not loved and cared for as all dogs should be. She is now. Tammy had been in rescue 6 months and not found a home yet. She does not like men or children but I think with love.

The shelter thinks I. The shelter thinks I am about 1. I am described as a male, black and white Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years.

I weigh. The shelter thinks I am about I am described as a male, brown and white Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old. Meet and greets will be held in Riverside, CA. Please fill out an application to start the process to meet Gunner. Video included: This is Snowy, a 1 year and 7 month old female Lab mix. Isn't she. They have been together for the past. We are looking for a forever family for Shelton and Desi, a senior bonded pair by November 2nd.

They have been. Looking for a jogging partner? Look no further, meet Bruno, our senior Rottweiler. Rescued from. Look at 'em ears! This is Petey, our shelter survivor.Please email your adoption form to. Box Littlerock CA We are here to help any homeless or unwanted Bull Terrier, whatever the reason.

BTRSC was incorporated in as a c 3 non profit corporation. We are an all volunteer operation. No one gets paid, the only re-imbursements are for direct expenses. We maintain a kennel facility in the high desert region of Los Angeles county.

Rescue in its current form owes its beginnings to two bull terriers.

Updated 9/10/20

Their temperaments, and self-assurance made what has evolved to the current rescue possible. Sadly both have passed away, and rescue continues as their legacy This rescue makes every effort to obtain these less fortunate of the breed, and find suitable homes for those who are likely candidates for placement.

The volunteers who work in Bull Terrier Rescue have a lot of experience in the breed and in placing rescued dogs. Their job is to match dogs and families where a successful relationship seems the most promising, and they are happy to help you decide if Rescue is a good option for your household. IF you live in another state other than California you will have to make at least one trip here. We will not ship a dog sight unseen. We will not place a dog beyond the Western United States. For more information on Bull Terrier Rescue organization please email us at adopt btrescue.

Awarded to quality pet websites.Bull Terrier Breeders and Information. This page provides a listing of California Bull Terrier Breeders. Please contact the breeders below to find Bull Terrier puppies for sale in California:. The breed is known for its courageous temperament and distinctive appearance.

mini bull terrier rescue california

The dogs are bright, fiery, and amiable. Initially, the dogs […]. Originally bred in the 19th century for dog fighting, the Bull Terrier later became a fashion statement and a cherished companion of gentlemen. Nowadays, the Bull Terrier has gained acceptance as more of a family pet and in some cases, a show dog.

Among the dog breeds, of which the American Kennel Club only […]. The American bull terrier is a loving breed perfect for family life. List Grid Map. Temris Mini Bull Terriers. Bull Terrier Breeders. Schoolyard Bullies. Hello and Welcomewe are the home of the Schoolyard Bullies.

We are here to Provide you with he Etenna Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs. Hi there, my name is Anne Fontaine and I have been showing dogs as a hobby since I have bee Etenna Bull Terriers. My interest is to provide a good home for my puppies, not to simply place them somewhere and walk Bullards Bull Terriers. Sacramento, CA, United States. The main goal in our breeding program is to breed healthy, athletic Bull Terriers that are agreea Allegro Bull Terriers.

Allegro6 ix. Raised aro Redo search when map moved. Showing 6 results.

mini bull terrier rescue california

Recent Listings. AKC Bull Terriers 2 years ago 2. Big Oaks Bull Terriers 2 years ago 1.

Adopt Miniature Bull Terrier Dogs in North Carolina

Kessler Bull Terriers 2 years ago 1.Miniature Bull Terrier Rescue Organizations. Saguaro State Bull Terrier Rescue. ArizonaBullTerrierRescue gmail.

Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. MryBayBTC aol. Golden State Bull Terrier Club. Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club. Showing 1 - 10 of 27 results. The body is well rounded with a short, strong back. In the early s Bulldogs crossed with terriers were popular. By combat between Bulldogs and bulls were at the height of their popularity. Lovers of this so-called "sport" decided to create a dog that would attack even more agilely. They soon found that the Bull Terriers were not the most successful fighters.

In the white-coated variety, which was nicknamed the "White Cavalier" was bred by English dog dealer James Hinks and soon became a fashionable pet for nobles. The colored variety of Bull Terriers was created by back-crossing them with brindle Staffordshires.

The breed has been used as a guard, ratter, herder and watchdog. The Miniature was developed to have the same qualities as the Standard Bull Terrier but with a more manageable size. Most other clubs see them as different varieties of the same breed or the same breed without placing a variety label. Once a fierce gladiator, they are much gentler now.

It was never bred to be a guard dog. Courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless. Loyal, polite, and obedient dog. Become very attached to their owners. Love to be given tasks and be busy. Fit in well with active families where they receive a great deal of companionship and supervision.

They do not do well in situations where they are left alone for 8 hours a day. Not recommended for most households. Fond of both grownups and children, but if they do not get enough physical and mental exercise they may be too energetic for small children. They can be extremely aggressive with other dogs. Unaltered males may not get along with other male dogs.

They are not recommended with other non-canine pets such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. They make excellent watch dogs.Bull Terrier Puppies in California. List a Pet. Dog Breeds. For Adoption. For Sale.

For Sale For Adoption. Raleigh, NC change. Search Location: Raleigh, NC change. Displaying: 1 - 21 of Seeking Female bullie Looking for a AKC female bullie under a one thousand. Your bullie will definite come to a good home. Red nose pit bull puppies for sale I have pure breed red nose pit bull puppies for sale four weeks old five females and four males.

Sakura Elglish bull terriers We offer an exclusive selection of colors among our bull terriers. Micro chipped, Dew clawed and two year health warr…. English Bull Terrier pups are being raised with the family, not in kennels. They need loving families to raise them.

Five females all white Three …. English Bulldog Puppies Available for adoption English Bulldog Puppies Available. Puppies are very well behaved. Gets along well with kids and other pets. Hello there we have got some cute and lovely english bull puppies for adoption they are vet check and home trained very playful with kids as well as o….

Looking for female white mini bull terrier puppy with patch…. Hi everyone! We have two more AKC bullies for sale, for twelve hundred a piece. There are only two females left!!! If you are interested and wou…. Born Jan twenty fourth of this year.

Hank and Guy from Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. of California

Expecting litter November Eight Expecting litter on November eight. Pups will be available on January Eight of next year. For more pictures of previous litter feel free to email me. Bull Terrier puppies for sale six weeks so cute and friendly Bull Terrier Puppies By State. Company Info PupCity.Available Dogs. If you are interested in any of them, please get your application in now. Capone This friendly sweet boy was neglected by his owner and then when they did not want him anymore, was booted out.

While out, he was hit by a delivery truck. Thankfully his injuries were superficial. He is almost all healed up. He is 4 years old and weighs about 50 lbs but could stand to put on a few pounds.

He loves to play with other dogs and may be able to live with a non aggressive female of equal size. Jenny is a 5 year old high energy girl. She is very friendly and loving. Jenny loves water and swimming in pools. She can live with a male non-aggressive dog of equal size. She is well crate trained and has had two weeks of professional obedience training. She needs a secure back yard to run in.

Jenny really wants to please humans. She weighs about 40 lbs. Shane is a handsome tricolor. He weighs about 50 lbs and is four years old. So sweet and snugly with people. He is a favorite with everyone he interacts with. He is crate trained and housebroken and sits well on command. He has had professional training and walks well on a halti lead and leash. He does need to be an only dog.

He will be a great companion dog to hang out with at home. He is a 5 year old snuggle boy. He loves to sit on the sofa with you and watch TV. He is a pretty mellow fellow and prefers to be a home- body. He weighs about 50 lbs and is well crate trained. Don't let his mellow nature fool you, his little devil horns still come out. Although he is not animal aggressive, he would prefer to be an only dog. This high energy miniature bull terrier is just a one year old puppy.

He needs some basic obedience training and his own loving family to show him the ropes. He does need to be an only dog and requires a backyard of his own. He weighs about 29 lbs. Please take a look at these wonderful bullies we have available for adoption today.

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mini bull terrier rescue california

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