Marine lift slings

Sling widths from 4 to 12 inches and available basket Work Load Limits of Lbs. Wider Slings and greater Work Load Limits are readily available. Polyester is the preferred sling material for Marine Slings.

Easy to store and handle. See page 18 for the effects of UV degradation.

marine lift slings

All slings are as strong as their weakest component. Certain accessories Loosepin Hardware and Extra Eyes are not available options for two ply sling capacities. Please specify eye width if Flat Eyes are to be used with existing shackles. Edge Wrap can be attached at any location to ensure a useful service life. For use in basket hitch only. Extra Eyes are available options for single ply slings. Extra Eyes are not available options for two ply slings. Protective flap is automatically included.

Standard Keel Pad length — 4 Feet. My Account Register Log in Wishlist 0. Web Slings. Round Slings. Twin-Path Slings. Cargo Slings. Special Purpose Slings. Specialty Products. Sling Protection.PH:Sales PrimoSlings. Log in Register. Lifting Slings.

Recovery Straps Tree Saver Straps. Join our mailing list! Travel Lift Slings can have specialty sewing involved including one or many of the following custom sling options:.

Boat Lift Slings

Nylon Sling or Polyester Sling? Boat slings can be made in nylon webbing or polyester webbing. Some companies would rather use polyester web as it is resistant to certain chemicals during cleaning and doesn't stretch as much as nylon web does. Keel Pads - The keel pad can be made with, or without, lead weights sewn in and is padded to protect damage to the keel.

Disconnect Pin - The hoist slings are typically disconnected with sewn fingers and a special pin that is used to keep the sling together. The disconnect is usually off center to avoid contact with the keel. The disconnect of the webbing sling can also have an additional protective flap sewn in to protect the surface of the boat from abrasion damage. Chine Pads - Chine pads are to protect the chine, or angle in the hull, of a boat. These chine pads of the boat lift slings typically slide, or float, on the marine sling allowing for them to be adjusted and fit at the chine of the boat.

Additional Eyes - On the longer part of the sleeve, opposite of the disconnect, can have additional eyes sewn in on the strap to allow the nylon sling or polyester sling to be adjusted to alternate lengths. The more eyes sewn in, the more lengths the boat hoist sling can accommodate for additional lifting sling uses. Tapered Eyes or Flat Eyes - The eyes of the boat hoist sling can have flat eyes or we can taper the width to allow for easier use with hardware.

The tapered eyes allow for smaller shackles, or links, to be used to connect to the frame of the boat hoist you are using. Marine slings can be used in many applications from lifting small boats to hoisting large ships. Boat hoist slings feature so many options and many different lifting sling applications, that there are simply too many lift slings to list.

Primo Slings sales team is very informed in marine rigging for slings and will customize lifting slings to your needs. Contact Us Site Map. Built with Volusion. Nylon Lifting Slings.

Polyester Lifting Slings. Polyester Round Slings. Wire Rope Slings. How to Pick Your Lifting Sling. Recovery Straps.Display Options.

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If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Engine Lift Sling, Nylon Strap, 24 in. Straps, 1, lb. Capacity, Each. Loading Tomorrow. Engine Lifting Sling, 22 in. Engine Sling, Chain Style, 1, lbs.

Capacity, Steel, Natural, Chain Length, Each. Engine Lift Chain, 1, lbs. Capacity, Steel, Zinc Finish, 28 in. Length, Each. Engine Lift Sling, Spring Car, lb. Capacity, Strap, 24 in. Length, Nylon, Black, Each. Engine Lifting Sling, 34 in. Long Chain, lb. Capacity, Zinc Plated Steel, Each. Engine Lift Sling, Chain Style, 1, lbs. Capacity, Steel, Zinc, 14 in.

Engine Lifting Sling, 56 in. Capacity, Steel, Each.These kits are some of the more affordable lifts on the market today. The Lunmar Aluminum Piling Mount Boat Lifts are designed to rest on top of 4 pilings typically 12' 6" apart center to center. These boat lifts feature optional shelf brackets These Kits come with 2 12' Aluminum Overhead Beams. These overhead beams rest on beams running parallel to the The Steel Mount kits come with the 2 13' Overhead Beams.

These overhead beams are to be These kits are some of the more affordable lifts on the market today These kits are some of the more affordable PCW lifts on the market today These overhead beams are These overhead beams are to Parts List : The Lunmar I beam clamp IBC cradle boat lifts are designed to clamp to the flange of an existing pair of i-beams located over the lift points The Lunmar i-beam clamp IBC cradle boat lifts are designed to clamp to the flange of an existing pair of ibeams located over the lift points of the boat.

You can purchase galvanized mount lift kits online at Lunmar Boat Lifts. Our business carries a huge variety of boat dock lifts, including this amazing boat lift. Capacity: Cradle When it comes to boat dock lifts, Lunmar Boat Lifts offers exceptional galvanized mount lift kits.

All of our selections are available at amazing boat lift prices.

marine lift slings

When you are in the market for boat house lifts, you can trust Lunmar Boat Lifts. Our selection of boat dock lifts includes this 2-point pick up wood mount. Invest in quality boat house lifts when you come to Lunmar Boat Lifts. We offer boat dock lifts for your personal watercrafts like these 3-point pick up wood mount selections Lunmar Boat Lifts's piling mount boat lifts attach directly to the pilings, eliminating all support beams.

marine lift slings

This boat lift works great for sail boats with towers.Loose pin hardware allows in-field removal for use on other slings or on additional eyes for different sized boats. Reusable alloy steel triangle is a permanent end fitting that slides easily onto the lifting hook. Extra sewn eyes allow lifting of different sized boats with one set of slings. Single ply capacity only. Can be sewn on any portion of sling.

Boat Lift Slings

Sliding chine and keel pads permit positioning padding at any point to prevent rubbing on hull and protects sling from sharp corners. Lead weights help keep sling from twisting and also serve as anchor for sling in water. Can be sewn into keel pad. Fixed or sliding options. Disconnect lets you remove sling from beneath the boat without removing sling eye from hook.

marine lift slings

Protective flap standard. View Specification Sheet. Excellent resistance to rot, mildew, oil and seawater. Neither fiber supports bacterial or fungal growth, or is adversely affected by water immersion. Boat Lifting Slings. Polyester webbing standard unless otherwise requested. Stock No. Width Inches Ply Basket Hitch lbs.

Lightweight for ease in handling and rigging. Long life: All loose pin hardware is plated for corrosion resistance. Custom designs available for specific application and unusual rigging configurations. Wide choice of accessories and fittings.Boat lift slings are the perfect way to lift your boat out of the water manually.

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Marine Slings

Search Search Products Search. My Account Sign in. Sale Items. Boat Lifts. Boathouse Lifts. Galvanized Steel Boathouse Lift. Center Mounted Boathouse Lifts. Single Side Boathouse Lifts.

Dual Side Boathouse Lifts. Pontoon Boathouse Lifts. Aluminum Boathouse Lift. Pile Mounted Boat Lifts. Single Pile Mount Lifts. Lake Lifts. Dock Mounted.The hydraulic system provides powers for the marine lift. This lifting belt provides reliable and safe lifting and transporting when ships need. This essay mainly talks something about lifting belts of boat lift. Get a Free Quote. Name required. Email required. Message Body required. The type of lifting belt is divided into four categories.

Port of Anacortes Boat Hoist (Boat Sling)

Because the lifting belt has these following characteristics: portable-carrying, convenient maintenance and good chemical resistance, and light weight, high strength, not easy to damage the lifting surfaces and so on.

It is more and more popular with the use of personnel and gradually takes the place of steel wire rope in many ways. They are increasingly used in the modern, technological, international hoisting construction site. And they are widely used in steel mills, oil fields, ports, electromechanical and transportation industries.

Due to lifting belts of travel lift have the particularity of the use of the lift assembly, its material differs from ordinary rope, and uses the high tenacity polyester filament. Since it has the following characteristics and advantages, it is widely used in travel lift. High strength and wear resistance; 2. Anti-oxidation and UV-ioresistance; 3. Easy maintenance and good chemical resistance; 4. It is not easy to damage the surface and maintainability of lifting objects; 5. Soft and non-conductive; 6.

Light and flexible; 7. Easy to bend and convenient to use; 8. The lifting is stable, and the safety factor is high; 9.

Marine Travel Lift Slings

High tensile strength and beautiful color; Easy to distinguish, and can judge tonnage according to color; The lifting belt has long service life, and is good for corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance; Non-corrosive no harm to human ; Improve labor efficiency and save cost; It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power establishment, military manufacturing, port handling, power plant, machinery processing, chemical and steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields.

And also it is widely used in port, wharf, chemical industry, steel, machinery, installation and other lifting places. Follow the good lifting experience and compile the portable lifting operation plan before the lifting.

When lifting, it is important to use the lifting belt connection mode properly to ensure the correct placement and connection load of the lifting belt in the safe mode.


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