Arrma kraton upgrade parts

Everything is included for running this car. Designed Fast and Designed Tough, it's ready for extreme performance right out of the box, whether you're If you're looking to level up from brushed power or just want a new It delivers affordable, no-holds-barred stunt performance for brushed bashers looking to upgrade and anyone who Short course supremacy.

Drivers can use their experience and equipment of From its heavy-duty front bumper to the wheelie bar in back, it's engineered to make you an RC stunt action hero. This model brings Typhon buggy style to a 2S LiPo-capable brushed version that's ready for action in all Key FeaturesChassis: Molded plastic, split line monocoque style, gray in color, incorporates front and rear shock towers, gearbox, motor mount and upper suspension mounts, mid motor chassis design protects motor from dirt and waterDrive: Rear Designed to break the mold, Outcast 6S is a dedicated action machine with performance that could make you an RC truck stunt hero!

Outcast 6S is primed for multi-surface Now with an included 2. Key FeaturesChassis: 0. Sign in Create an account.

arrma kraton upgrade parts

Compare Selected. View as. Quick view Wishlist.They have changed the body, decals and graphics which altogether, quite frankly look awesome — much more like a monster truck and not like a space truck like we had seen in previous incarnations.

Deeper cut burlier tyres harking back to the original V1 model and a few parts under the chassis which looked set to improve our experience. However, with the latest edition, they decided to change things up. It now comes with a spectrum STX receiver. Ok lets go into the positives first. With all these great features, it is a total shame that our receiver tended to cut out on a number of occasions. It also otherwise felt like a VERY low end plastic controller built for a far lesser model.

Despite the cool features. Pulling off the body, we see a sliding motor mount. Being able to slide the motor out without having to remove the whole centre section is a super awesome welcome addition. ARRMA really paid attention to their fanbase here.

Sure they could have increased the chassis thickness or changed the grade of aluminium to increase strength but this appears to be a great alternative that gives an excellent weight to strength ratio. That said, the rods are mounted to rather flexy steel brace brackets — a major weakness in an otherwise solid design, an oversight perhaps?

For a top of the line power house, we would have expected something a great deal more solid. We also would have loved to have seen a rear skid plate on the underneath to protect our chassis. The new tyres filled us with warm fuzzy feelings harking back to the original design of the brilliant V1 originals. A much deeper a burlier tread than the edition also. Unfortunately we contended with a couple of instances where one of the tyres got pulled off the rim and a tyre splitting.

Despite the fantastic new body, and the genuinely great design updates under the lid, the issues surrounding a stock Kraton V4 Edition leave it flawed enough to be too much of a frustrating experience after a few months of use.

Gladly these issues can be easily and affordably resolved. Grab yourself the original receiver, feels a great deal more comfortable and responsive. Chunky and hardcore enough to handle the V4 power.

Arrma 1/8 Kraton 6S BLX (AR106005/AR106015/AR106018)

In terms of the support brace — a great addition for supporting the overall integrity of the chassis … only let down by plastic brackets that support the brace?

As soon as the Kraton V4 Edition landed, we were blown away by the aesthetics. It looks bigger and meaner than ever. We hope you enjoyed this article, there is plenty more to come.

Are you a V4 Kraton owner? Let us know by dropping a comment below! I am very happy to peer your post. Thanks a lot and i am taking a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail? Great information. Lucky me I found your website by accident stumbleupon. This piece of writing is truly a good one it helps new net viewers, who are wishing in favor of blogging. All Rights Reserved. The New King? However after some intensive sessions on the track, we were struck by a litany of issues cutting it short from achieving greatness.Hi, my name is Iron Mike and I like long walks on the beach and destroying rc cars.

Holy smokes, it was my lucky day! The Kraton is easily one of the biggest, baddest bash trucks on the market. Then I realized that if he was dropping it in my lap, it was only because there was work to do. Luckily for me I was told my only job was hop it up, using any type of gear I wanted to.

I wanted to upgrade the Kraton with the best possible electronics that money could buy. For radio gear I went with the Futaba 4PX. It has an insane amount of features, drives awesome, and generally looks very trick. The has plenty of torque, good speed, but I consider it to be one of the smoothest servos on the market with its brushless motor.

For power there was really only one choice, Castle Creations. Speaking of the battery, I wanted to go with a single 4S pack instead of the stock set-up of wiring a pair of 2S packs in series, so I went with a C MaxAmps mAh.

The MaxAmps 4S is known for serious power with extra long runtimes, exactly what I was looking for on this project. Needless to say, changing out all the electronics made the Kraton into an entirely new kind of beast. It had more power across the board, with an impressive boost in top speed.

The steering was smoother and more precise, while using the 4PX not only felt better in hand, but made driving the Kraton feel much more natural. All in all, the Kraton is certainly worthy of such high-end upgrades, they take it to an entirely new level that few, if any, bash trucks on the market can match.

Enjoy, and look for more Kraton hop-up articles in the future. Grab a 2. Unplug the signal wires from the servo and ESC, then the receiver is free from the truck.

Grab your 2. The servo is now free so yank it out. At this point the ESC is still held in by its signal wire that runs to the receiver. Once these are taken care of you can get the signal wire loose from the plate. Unplug the three wires that run to the motor and the ESC is now free from the truck.

This is done by loosening the 2. The next step is to remove the pair of 3mm screws that hold in the motor. The stock 3. Now grab your pinion and install it by tightening the 2.

Arrma Outcast VS Notorious?

The next step is very important, setting the gear mesh between the pinion on the motor and the spur gear on the truck. There are numerous articles on the web how to do this, some do it with a piece of paper, but personally I just eyeball it. Once you have the gear mesh set you can crank down on the motor screws.UK Company No: Please Select Site Search.

RU English. Model Features. Interactive Exploded View. Technical Specifications. Bashers all over the world know what it takes to really blast in extreme conditions. Equipped with strong steel, lightweight aluminum and rugged composite materials, when you pilot the KRATON 6S, you are in charge of a truly powerful force. Designed FAST. Aggressive speed monster truck looks. With a low-profile stance and equipped with a specially designed nylon rear wing, the KRATON 6S is aerodynamic and really turns heads when you roll into town.

When you pull the trigger you can expect superior handling and beautifully balanced flights from every jump. Don't just bash. Strong and durable wing mount design for increased longevity when hard landings are on the menu. Highly detailed decals are pre-applied to the beautifully detailed bodyshell. Aggressive and hard-wearing dBoots Copperhead2 MT all-terrain tires are mounted on strong black nylon 5-spoke wheels, giving you the ground-ripping traction you need to put the BLX brushless power straight onto your chosen surface.

The battery mount system features two hook-and-loop straps fitted perpendicular to each other to provide a secure fit for your battery packs. Soaking-up a wide range of surfaces is made easy with the included red anodized adjustable shocks. Factory set to handle everything from fast speed runs to snow and mud chucking, no matter where you choose to bash, these high-quality units will keep you stable and in-control. The motor can be taken out by removing two screws. The center differential can be removed by removing just seven screws.

This supports the body from underneath, increasing the durability of the body during upside-down action. With a 3mm thick anodized aluminum chassis, strong center brace, three full-metal geared differentials, beefy suspension components and steel driveshafts throughout, the KRATON 6S BLX is ready for whatever you can throw at it. A center brace adds longitudinal support to the chassis plate for maximum durability. This is attached to specifically designed mount at the front of the vehicle.

The center brace is securely attached to a specifically designed mount at the rear structure of the vehicle. With no adjustment nut to loosen, this design offers a fit-and-forget setting for the servo saver. A sliding motor mount is included. The sliding motor mount allows the motor position to be adjusted with the loosening of two screws that are accessed from above, significantly simplifying adjustment of the gear mesh and pinion changes.We are only shipping the xmaxx chassis kits during this time to fulfill those order so please do not order anything else at this time.

These are limited supply so once all orders are complete we will not be making anymore for another 12 months. We are polishing and pre assembling each kit and shipping at the rate of 4 to 6 per week.

There are a limited number of extra kits that we made until out of stock. Please understand we do not have a dedicated person to answer phones nor does our facility have an office and during this time to remain efficient we will not be accepting phone calls or messages. Thank you for your understanding. Now Over sqft and 12 CNC machines for your custom needs.

Fastlane Hobbies is proud to announce our new Aircraft alloy Fortal as we integrate the material into our products feel free to request at anytime. Whatever it is you are building we can help that project come to completion. Chassis's range from 4. These are not cheap resin based chassis's that others sell. This material is grades above what you will find on eBay and Google stores. Only the best materials are used here at Fastlane Hobbies where we believe quality matters and you should get a part that can perform as expected.

Available in several lengths. Please note there is an additional charge for custom chassis layouts using other manufacturer parts besides our own. We have a lot of Arrma parts available beyond our Fastlane Custom products. Please feel free to contact us for those parts while we get the website updated. Fastlane Hobbies.

All rights Reserved. A Subsidiary of Hobby Inc. View on Mobile. Standard Length Extended Length.Greg Vogel September 28, Projects and Builds. The Arrma 8th-scale vehicles are some of the most popular vehicles I see being discussed online and in person. With good reason too, they are some of the fastest and most durable trucks out there and it is no wonder these are often the base of many speed run builds.

But as you know, speed runs result in crashes, and crashes at these speeds usually mean broken parts. So when I thought of how to upgrade this vehicle, the first thing that popped into my mind was to find ways to increase the durability.

Arrma Kraton Upgrade Parts

Check out the Arrma Kraton parts list below for some upgrades to fit your budget. RPM and durable are one in the same and they make some of the toughest components out there. The RPM arms are made out of a tougher plastic that does a better job of absorbing impact energy.

This not only will prevent the obvious arm breakage, but it can do wonders for protecting your hingepins and other components as well. In all my years of being involved with the hobby, I have not once seen anyone break and RPM part. They also have a great service plan if you do manage to somehow break them under normal operating conditions which generally results in the part being replaced free of charge.

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T-Bone Racing V3 Thrasher Front Bumper With all the power on tap from the Kraton, you are bound to have some pretty nasty head on collisions with objects. The stock bumper generally does okay, but I would recommend swapping it out for the T-Bone racing bumper. These are virtually indestructible and will prevent all the excess energy from traveling down into more fragile components.

The best part about T-Bone racing products is that they are guaranteed not to break, and if by some miracle it actually does, they will replace the part for free. Not much else you can ask for with an aftermarket bumper. But controlling a dollar truck with a cheap radio may not be the best option in the long run. I personally use this radio and it has only been fantastic so far. You get all the bells and whistles of a computer system, plus being a 4 channel system means that you can add lights or other features controllable by a switch.

You also will notice a much crisper response on the throttle and steering end, since the radio has a better resolution than the stock setup.

arrma kraton upgrade parts

Something else to consider is that you have much more control over how your vehicle will handle. Setting the endpoints and subtrim on the steering will help the Kraton track straighter, and take fully advantage of the full steering throw. The best part is that this investment can be used on many projects for years to come. The radio has 40 model memory, which makes it easy to change profiles on the fly for various vehicles. My main objective in highlighting hop-ups was to stress durability upgrade over everything else.

The stock Kraton is an all out speed demon out of the box and anything that can increase the durability of the product is a big win in my book. With all this power on tap, it is equally important to have a reliable radio on hand, and the Futaba mates perfectly with the Kraton.

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arrma kraton upgrade parts

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